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Jeremy DuBrul
Jeremy DuBrul
10:52 21 Sep 21
Took their more foundational "Grip and Trigger" clinic and it is a GAME CHANGER. Eric and Dan diagnose your form, give you a better way to do it. No matter how "advanced" or "good of a shot" you think you are, you should try this course.You will end up dumping all of of your ammo, so have extra range ammo on hand.Eric and Dan are excellent instructors. Foundational courses like this are necessary; to keep building on your skillsets so you can progress at being a proficient marksman as well as being a responsible firearm owner. The skills of being a marksman have diminishing returns if you don't keep up on it. It's a perishable skill. Classes and workshops like this makes sure that you are getting GOOD information and skills to build from.
Andrei Rakic
Andrei Rakic
04:52 05 Mar 21
Erik is a phenomenal educator. He made drastic differences to my approach to daily practice and heightened my goals. He is engaging and actually will watch you carefully and rebuild you from the ground up into something much more effective than you were before. He is extremely safe and effective. He has a great depth of knowledge. After several classes at other places of someone watching me shoot for an hour and making maybe a comment he is really a breath of fresh air. He takes the time to work from your feet to your head and to your mindset. I recommend highly and without reservation.
Mike Lamont (Teamlamont)
Mike Lamont (Teamlamont)
18:24 22 Jul 20
I took a course with Erik (grip and trigger) and he really helped me with some issues I was having. Great instructor and worth the money. Invest in yourself and take a course.I'll be back for more.
jason miller
jason miller
02:09 06 Jun 20
I took a holster skills class with Erik. Erik broke things down in ways that were easy to understand giving us time to become comfortable with one step before adding the next. As an instructor, Erik has a knack for explaining things to each student in the way that that student best understands. He was very knowledgeable and took time to answer every question.I came into class knowing nothing on the subject and now I have a skill I can practice.
Ken L
Ken L
01:27 29 May 20
I have been thinking about adding a red dot to my carry pistol, but not really sure where to begin. When I saw the intro to red dot class by Archetype of the Gun, it seemed like the perfect starting point. Eric has built the class progression in perfect order from basic concept and slow, deliberate practice of elemental skills to practical application in simulated real-world scenarios. He's also willing to 'side-bar' to help you diagnose & fix fundamental errors that are holding you back.
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John Pearson

“The Teacher Becomes the Student” – October 16, 2019

In full disclosure, I am a firearms instructor with several thousand hours of firearms education since the early 90’s. I teach CCW, tactical handgun, carbine etc. When I saw Erik was offering a Micro Pistol class I realized that was a subject I had no expertise in though I carry one as a back up gun. Knowing Erik’s high standard of presenting classes I signed up. He did not disappoint. He had some sound theories and great drills that even in the 3 hour “clinic” format gave me a lot of take home practices that I’ll make my own. This particular class had mostly experienced shooters except for one young lady who was really a semi beginner who however carried a micro pistol. Turns out she probably got as much if not more for the class than us seasoned guys. Erik set a pace that proved just challenging enough for the wide variety of skill levels. As a instructor I’m always critical of presentation, preparedness and student/teacher interaction. Erik was on point with all of these. He gets my highest recommendation if you’re looking for quality firearms training without the hype and B.S. that unfortunately many others offer.

Marc Drazner

May 20th – 5 Stars

Erik is an amazing teacher!!! His passion is evident with each class and his ability to find different ways to enable learning. He has a personal approach and adjusts for each ability and understanding level. Upon completing I have a greater understanding of guns – being comfortable in using, and more confident in how to avoid the need to use.



October 20. 2017 – 5 Stars

I recently completed the NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting course with Erik. He was an excellent instructor. Very experienced and educated. I knew very little about handguns coming into the class but walked away with a much better understanding and level of confidence about handguns and safety. Would highly recommend. 


March 18 – 5 Stars

Erik provided very knowledgeable instruction in the Handgun Essentials 1 course. It was not the typical cookie cutter boring course that the state provides. I came out of this class feeling confident that I can effectively protect myself if need be. We had a great time on the range and went through a variety of drills to increase our shooting ability. I hope to attend more classes in the future. 


March 20 – 5 Stars

Anyone who thinking to step into world of guns or weapons in general, Erik is the guy! Dont even waste your time looking any further. I personally guarantee it and will pay for your classes if you leave under educated or not satisfied. He will open your eyes on the world around you and will make you look on things like you never looked at them before. No bull shit, no time wasting. Straight on point 2 days 16 hours conceal and carry class… We cover above and beyond. Today is my 3rd night after class and still I have guns in my dream through out whole night. I personally believe his time should cost more…. 


5 Stars


June 8, 2017 – 5 Stars


June 28, 2017 – 5 Stars

 I took Eric’s IL CCL class and loved the instruction. He discussed real world scenarios and went above and beyond the basics for use of force and firearms manipulation. Would highly recommend.


June 1, 2017 – 5 Stars 


June 1, 2017 – 5 Stars


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