All courses can be completed in a private session, custom coursework available.

Handgun Essentials 1- IL Concealed Carry (FOID card not required)

This 2-day course is designed to take someone who has never touched a handgun and begin to prepare you for the fight of your life. You will learn proper safety, nomenclature, maintenance, shooting, and the essentials of fighting with a handgun. Be prepared for 4hrs on the range. There will be time set aside at the end of class for those wishing to qualify for Illinois concealed carry permit as well as cover the IL specific legal portion. Firearm rentals available.

Handgun Essentials 2-

This 1-day course combines 4hrs of classroom and 4hrs on a private range. It picks up where Handgun Essentials 1 leaves off. The course covers movement, cover/ concealment, and more. Prior instruction beyond Concealed Carry required.

So You’ve Been Shot-

This course will focus on the aftermath of getting shot. We will give you the tools to handle this painful reality. We will focus on how to handle mental, medical and ballistic issues. Specifically, we will cover types of injuries and their treatments. How to fight while injured, with a heavy emphasis on the lone responder and concealed carry holder/off-duty officer. There will be a lot of shooting in uncomfortable and compromised positions. These situations will be physically taxing, your gear will get dirty and abused. It is recommended that you wear clothes you don’t mind throwing away and bring something clean to wear home. A high level of proficiency with safe firearms handling is mandatory for this course(proof of training required). If your only training is CCW, you may attend, but you will be evaluated during the classroom portion. If you are unable to maintain a high level of safety with a firearm, your course of fire will be altered accordingly.

IDOL Package-

The In Defense of Life package is an all in one primer on self-defense. This course is approximately 40hrs long and designed to take place in your home, but can be done in the Chicago classroom. The course includes Handgun Essentials 1 & 2, So you’ve been shot, Long gun intros, Justified use of force and includes an additional 4hrs on a private range. Coursework can be customized. Begin to develop your complete home and self-defense plan.

The above classes are our most popular. We also offer Defensive Revolver, Intro to the AR-15, Intro to Defensive Shotgun, Justified Use of Force, and NRA Basic Pistol on a request basis.

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