Professional vita

Erik Tweedt-

Owner- Archetype of the Gun, , 773-354-5532


IDPH Licensed Paramedic & Lead Instructor

NAEMSE- Lead Instructor

TECC Recognized Educational Partner

Handgun Combatives Certified Instructor- Essential Pistol, Combative Pistol, Kinetic Combat Pistol, Adaptive Combat Pistol

Rangemaster Certified Instructor

NRA Instructor/ RSO

USCCA Affiliate Instructor

UTM Instructor & Professional Training Organization

General Dynamics Simuniton Instructor

Hazmat Ops

Emergency Response to Terrorism

WMD incident response


LUMC/UBMC- Critical Care Paramedic

TEMS- Provider


American Heart Association Instructor

NAEMT Instructor

Stop the Bleed Instructor

Tacmed Solutions Associate Trainer

Course Hx-

-Tom Givens- Rangemaster Instructor Certification

-Massad Ayoob- MAG40

-Robert Houzenga- MAG40

-Andy Kemp- MAG40

-Clint Smith- Urban Rifle, Tactical Handgun- Lecture

-Dave Spaulding- Reduced Light Pistol, Combative Pistol, Kinetic Pistol, Instructor Certification

-Robert Militello- Tactical Pistol (basic & advanced), Patrol Rifle, Tactical Shotgun, TEMS, Executive Protection

-Andrew Branca- Law of Self-Defense lvl1

-Randy Clifton- Force on Force/ Advanced concealed carry

-Varg Freeborn- Primal Violence, High order criminal and counter ambush, ACA concealment fighting, Force on Force

-Scot Jedlinski- AIWB & Red Dot pistol, The Path to Performance

-William Aprill- Unthinkable

-John Farnam- Advanced Defensive Pistol

-Chuck Pressburg- No Fail Pistol

-Matt Jacques- Fighting from Concealment

-Mike Pannone- Hybrid Pistol(advanced & covert)

-Rob Haught- Shotgun Skills

– Battleline Tactical- Vehicle defense and counter ambush

-Chicago SWAT Operational Medicine Symposium

– Centrifuge Training- VCQB

-Frontsight Solutions- Low light pistol

– Tim Herron- Practical Performance

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